High Pressure Components B Series Control Valve

Standard Features

  • Pressures to 25,000 PSI
  • Pressure Compensated, (as the pressure increases so does the grip)
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • High Flow, No Internal Restrictions
  • Minimum Tube Grip Length
  • Full Length Tube Swallow

General Information

The “B-Series” hydro tools have lever actuated collets for easy placement onto the tube. This assures a safe positive grip during initial pressurization of the tube. We offer an integral automatic air bleed valve option for the “B Series” tools. These valves are critical in assuring that the air is removed from the tube prior to full pressurization.

The hand held tool is design to grip onto the OD of plain tube ends. To connect to the tube, depress the handle to open the collets and slip the tool over the end of the tube past the tube seal. Release the handle to allow the collets to grip the tube. The tool can now be pressurized. After the tube has been expanded the tool can be removed by depressing the handle to release the collets and the tool will freely slide off of the tube end.

We offer a full range of hydro tools that are designed to grip onto the ends of plain tube. These tools are used in hydrostatic testing, hydroexpansion of tubes and tubular hydroforming applications.