Grooving Gauges

General Information

Available in the following sizes:

4010-8000      8"
4027-10-00     10"
4028-1200      12"
4013-1400       14"
4014-1600       16"
4015-1800       18"
4016-20-00    20"
4035-2200      22"
4036-2400      24"
4044-UNIV      2 to 8"

4022-1000    1"
4023-1250    1 1/4"
4024-1500    1 1/2"
4003-2000   2"
4004-2500   2 1/2"
4005-3000   3"
4006-3500   3 1/2"
4007-4000   4"
4008-5000   5"
4009-6000   6"

Because they simulate a pipe coupling, Pace Go-No-Go Gauges are an excellent tool to use for quickly determining accuracy of groove depth. After a groove is rolled, the appropriate gauge is matched to it. If the gauge will not fit, the groove is too shallow; if the gauge slides past its No-Go marking, the groove is too deep. Made of steel and hard-chrome plated for durability, these gauges are easy to use and remain permanently accurate. Standard size gauges are made for groove diameters from 1", ( 25.4 mm ), to 24", ( 610mm ). 

The Pace Universal Groove Gauge can accomplish many functions in only one tool. No other gauging tool can do as much. The primary job of this gauge is to check groove depth and tolerance from 2" thru 8", but goes on from there. Grooves can be checked while the pipe is on the machine. The groove can be checked while the grooving process is happening because of the very hard, heat treated wear surface and the spring loaded size bar. This is much easier than using a coupling half where you must remove the pipe to use. What if the coupling is not accurate? Chrome plated finish for high durability ... a must for rougher use and long life.