Gasflux Liquid

General Information

Liquid Gasflux® consists of a specially compounded liquid-type flux that is automatically introduced into the fuel gas. Gasflux® is manufactured under rigid test requirements to guarantee its highest quality and performance. It conforms to AWS/ANSI A5.31, American Welding Society "Specification for Brazing Fluxes" and falls under flux type FB3-K.

Liquid Gasflux® is recommended for both manual and automatic brazing applications and works with all fuel gases.

Available Fluxes:

Type "W" Liquid Gasflux® - our standard liquid flux for most all silver and bronze brazing. Type "W" is suitable with almost all applications for the brazing of copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and carbide.

Type "CS" Liquid Gasflux® - our reduced concentrate liquid flux is utilized when "over-fluxing" is a concern. Type "CS" is used primarily with copper and brass brazing applications and works well with automatic equipment.

Type "MB" Liquid Gasflux® - our high concentrate for prolonged periods of heat and temperature.