Tridan FST

General Information

This manually operated Model FST Fin Stock Threading Device will allow a new sheet of fin stock to be accurately fed into the fin die at intervals equal to the progression of the feed of the die. Upon completion of this feeding function, the Fin Stock Threading Device also serves as a side guide to align the fin stock as it is being pulled into the fin die.

The TRIDAN Model FST FIN STOCK DIE THREADING DEVICE enables faster and safer threading of the fin stock through the progressive stations of the fin die. The device is built into the forward section the Fin Stock Lubrication Tank. It employs a pair of air-operated feed transfer and holding clamps operating on ball bearing slides,and is easily preset to the required feed travel length. The feed and return strokes are manually operated from a control lever with a control switch used to sequences the engagement and disengagement of the feed and holding clamps. Adjustable stock guides are also incorporated into this device.