Finn-Power (Lillbacka) FS50 Skiver

General Information

FS50 Skiver dual symmetrical skiving blade will balance the cut by cutting simultaneously from two sides of the hose. Skiving diameter adjustment for the cutting blades is made with simple motion from one knob to move both blades simultaneously, in for smaller diameter and out for larger diameter. The Blade holder has marked scale for easy diameter adjustment. No tools or guess work are needed to set the skiving diameter.

Clear protective cover provides operator safety and visibility during the skiving process. Position of the protective cover is monitored by a safety switch preventing skiver operation when cover is not
closed. Protective cover has a manual lock to prevent
opening the cover and stopping the machine during the skiving operation.

The hose to skive is pushed into the machine through the opening in the front of the protective cover.
FS50 skiver can be operated from a foot pedal allowing both hands to beused for guiding the hose in desired alignment with the skiving tools.  Skiver rotation direction can be selected from the manual switch on the operating panel. FS50 skiver has a removable tray for easy disposal of the skiving debris from the machine.