Finn-Power (Lillbacka) FP20 UC

Standard Features

  • With standard dies. Crimping range can be increased with special dies.

  • Theoretical with ½ hose, diameter 10 mm.

  • See table for die set data.

  • Maximum opening is the total die travel. Add this value to the minimum crimping diameter of the die set used. The result is the maximum opening of the machine with die set in place.

  • 12V / 24V. Overload controlled.

  • 1-phase / 3-phase.

  • FP140 dies can be used without adapter dies.

  • Hydraulic hose / industrial hose.

  • With adapter dies.

  • Hose cutter.

  • Full cycle.

  • Die travel / feeding channel.

  • NC20, NC30 and NC40 dies can be used.

  • Available for P20, P32 and CC22 dies.

  • Not available in MS control.

  • Technical implementation varies depending on the machine model. Please verify the suitability of the option from your distributor.

  • Available in UC models only.

  • 1 pc standard feature.

  • 3 pcs standard feature.

  • Standard feature in UC models, includes ascending/descending counter.