Tridan FM4

General Information

The Finmaster Fm-4 is Tridan’s new, increased-tonnage fin stamping system for the production of aluminum and copper fins for the manufacturer of heat transfer coils. Tridan is proud to offer this innovative press and die as an exciting new alternative in fin production for the HVAC industry.

Using the industry’s most advanced parametric solid-modeling CAD design system, Tridan has created a compact and sophisticated press design to meet the needs of both low volume coil producers can rely on the dependability and trouble-free operation of this ruggedly built FinMaster, while ease of tooling change makes this an ideal system for high volume manufacturers to produce low run products as well as samples and models for laboratory testing. With such features as PLC control system, free standing fin stock uncoiler and an automatic vacuum fin collector, the FinMaster can be supplied with standard tooling for virtually immediate delivery. Any special tooling designs required to meet the specifications of a specific customer product can also be engineered and manufactured in a fraction of the normal time using Tridan’s parametric CAD design system.