FlyMarker Pro

Switch on – Type in – Mark

The compact hand-held marking system features easy handling and can be used without any programmer knowledge:

The FlyMarker® PRO is the perfect machine for the workshop producing durable, fast, flexible marking with a low noise level. The marking is made by well-structured single dot characters.
Depending on the type of application it is possible to choose between 5 x 7 or 9 x 13 sizes. It is also possible to mark Data Matrix Codes.

High Marking Quality
The high quality linear x- and y- direction guides are double guided to provide the FlyMarker®PRO with a very stable and durable mechanism. With the addition of further quality components
MARKATOR® have engineered extremely precise warp-free high quality marking.

Short marking Times
Use of the latest control technologies allows quick and easy navigation with fast access times. The FlyMarker® PRO is equipped with strong motors which are capable of producing short marking