Tridan Flexpander FE-5 (5mm)

General Information

The Tridan Model FE-5 FLEXPANDER is a hydraulically powered semi-portable mechanical tube expander designed for the expansion of heat transfer coils, which use conventional hairpin-or-straight tube and return bend construction.  It is designed to expand two(2) tubes per cycle, both hairpins legs or two straigh tubes, made of copper or aluminum, and other thin wall materials having outside diameters of 1/4" (6.35mm) and 276"(7.0mm).  The maximum finned length expandable is determined by the length of expander rod used.

The Model FE-5 Power Head is a rigidly constructed box-frame-weldment, which contains the twin Rod Drive Gear Cartridges, the Drive Mechanism for these cartridges, the hydraulic Drive Motor, and the operational switch handle.  All tooling components used with the FLEXPANDER are mounted to this Power Head.

The twin Rod Drive Gear Cartridges contain four (4) specially designed combination gear-drive rollers, with each cartridge designed to power one expander rod.  The gear-drive roller are in pairs, one directly above the other, and run on heavy-duty precision roller bearings.  Each cartridge is designed so that the amount of drive pressure, the center-to center spacing, and lubrication of the bearings is performed externally.

The Drive Mechanism is a direct gear-type with each rod drive gear cartridge being power through an individual adjustable friction clutches. This drive mechanism provides independance between the two expander rods. The power for drive mechanism is provided by a Gerotor type hydraulic motor, which generates 60 Ft-Pounds (81Nm) of Torque at 140 RPM and 900 Psi (63Kg/Cm2).

Adjacent to the rear operator grip on the Power Head is the operation control switch.  It is a three(3) position rocker-type switch with a spring centered "off" position.  This switch controls the forward (power) and the reverse (retraction) stroke of the expander rods, when activated.

The FLEXPANDER is equipped with a cleverly designed suspension system for production use and control of the expander.  This suspension system allow ease of axial rotation of the expander so that tube extension pair with either vertical or diagonal orientation may be accomodated as easily a horizontally located tube pairs. Due to the weight of the FLEXPANDER and it's tooling components, the use of a tool balancing device is necessary for neutraliztion of this weight.