Model DF

The PHI Model DF is the premier Double Flaring tool in Industry capable of producing 600 double flares per hour.

General Information

The PHI Tube End-Finishing Machine Model DF is a double-lap flaring machine that produces a double-thickness flare. It will also produce a single-thickness flare and an upset bead.

How the PHI Double Flaring Tube End-Finishing Machine Works

The machine forms double-lap flares to precise 37-degree and 45-degree dimensions within MS and S.A.E. specification. Single flares and beads are also done with precision and within specifications every time.

The Model DF is a high-production unit, allowing for the production of up to 600 double flares per hour. A single lever operates the machine. This lever activates the two steps required to form a double flare. No electricity is required because all operations are pneumatically powered.