Model 50-DBF

The Olsen Model 50-DFB is an extension of the standard Model 50 Power Flare with the addition of a built in deburring station for ID and OD deburring.


  • Fast, quiet, easy to use

  • Single Flares 1/8” to 2” OD at a 37.5 or 45 degree flare

  • Copper, Brass, Steel and Stainless Steel Round Tubing

  • Squaring and Deburring attachment available

  • Metric Tooling available

  • 115 vac, 50/60 hz, single phase

  • Instruction manual included


General Information

The Olsen Power Flare machine was designed and developed to provide a near perfect method of flaring brass, copper and steel (including stainless steel) tubing for pneumatic, hydraulic and fluid systems.
Power Flare has been tested and accepted by a multitude of customers in the United States and overseas. Installations with pressures to 11,000 psi are operating without leaks! Power Flare is simple to operate. New personnel can operate the machine at close to maximum efficiency after only a brief break-in period.
Operation is simple and requires little physical effort. No tools are needed. The unit is self contained whether as bench unit or with floor stand.


  • Minimizes training and mistakes

  • Fast setup time

  • Easy operation

  • Simplified flaring

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Fast cycle time

  • Reliable - Serviceable - Standardized