Finn-Power (Lillbacka) Finn-Reel 7

General Information

FinnReel 7 is engineered to provide quick to use safe and organized storage for popular hoses or other coiled materials in front of a Finn Power saw or Finn Power FinnCut shear. The seven (7) shelf capacity can hold longer coils or remnant drops from larger series in a neat and organized manner, maintaining clean and damage free material. Each reel has solid bottom to assure even smaller remnant pieces will stay safely on the shelf.

Shelves are made from stainless steel thus making the FinnReel 7 storage system safe for storing even stainless braided hose material or stainless steel
cables. The use of the FinnReel 7 is not limited to hose materials only, as any coiled material can be stored in the FinnReel 7 system.

Six top shelves are hinged from the side bar and can be opened sideways to make loading of the material coil easy. Design of the FinnReel 7 shelf prevents the reel from rotating while being loaded thus makingpositioning of the material coil easier. The payout of the hose from each shelf is guided with the round guide ring mounted to the side frame.

Center hub of the rotating shelf has a preventer to stop to material coil from getting tangled by jumping over the rotation center thus assuring smooth delivery of material.

Optionally, the FinnReel 7 or FinnReel 1 (single shelf) can be equipped with casters to move the storage around the shop floor. FinnReel 1 integrates also with the motorized FinnReel Auto V to make payout of the material stored in the FinnReel 1 easier.

Standard Features

  • Hose sizes up to 1 ½”
  • Max hose coil diameter 35”, height 5 ½”
  • L oad: 300 lbs. per reel.
  • System is delivered fully assembled height 78”, width 52” depth 41”
  • FinnReel 7 weight approximately 510 lbs. (without hose stock).