Lillbacka (Finn-Power) CM75PH

General Information

The CM75PH hose cutting machine has been designed
to cut up all types of hoses up to 2” diameter 4-spiral
hoses. The 520 mm diameter blade operates at 3000
rpm. The hose is pushed against the blade by a
pneumatic cylinder. Piston movement speed can be
quickly and easily adjusted to choose optimal cutting
speed for each type of hose.

Lower speeds are used with thick hoses thus overheating
of the blade is avoided. The blade can be
resharpened when necessary. The cutter has a built-in
bin for the collection of cutting waste. The blade is
protected by a metal safety guard.

A connection for a fume removal system is included in
the design and a fume extractor can be installed as an
optional accessory.

Further, a 2 meter (with extension
module 4 m) measuring scale table
can be added as an option for
improved ergonomics and