Finn-Power (Lillbacka) Finn-Cut

General Information

The Finn-Power Finn Cut for quick and safe shearing of the non steel reinforced hoses, providing clean cut every time. Dual cut mandrel allows cutting two hoses simultaneously in a production environment where larger volumes are needed.

The Finn Power Finn Cut is designed for cutting plastic and textile reinforcement hoses from 4 mm up to 30 mm OD (1/8” to 1-1/8” OD)

Cutting process is air operated with integrated safety clamps holding the hose to eliminate the hose sliding while cutting, thus maintaining good edge quality. Hose for cutting can be easily positioned through the safety access panel from the front of the machine. Measuring the hose length is made easy and simple from the edge of the Finn Cut machine.

The Finn Power Finn Cut machine includes one cutting blade and two die mandrels, one for single hose with larger guide V groove and one with twin guide V grooves for double cut by single hit.

The cutting cycle is activated from the included foot pedal, one cutting hit at time.