Feed Tap

General Information

Feed Tap drills through PVC, PE, cast iron and ductile iron while under pressure. The compact design, featuring a separate feed for advancing the heavy-duty shell cutter into the pipe, allows the user to easily complete the tap using an electric or cordless drill, right angle drill for cast and ductile iron, or even a 7/16” wrench (drill/wrench not included) with manual power for plastics. The independent feed control advances the shell cutter for tapping PVC pipe as recommended by Uni-Bell PVC Pipe Association. The FTB Feed Tap consists of the base unit which allows the user to purchase shell cutters and corporation adapters separately, as needed. A complete kit is sold as FT2000UNIV . The kit contains both a coupon retaining drill bit, CRPD25 and two sets of coupon retaining magnets. Plastic Pipe only FTP2000UNIV is used for manual drilling operations with Reed’s proven PVC/PE Shell Cutters. The FTP2000UNIV comes complete with all corporation adapters, shell cutters, adapters and a ratchet wrench with socket to cover ¾” to 2” services in PVC and PE. Each machine ships with a sturdy carrying case.

Standard Features

  • Superior performance and life of the carbide-tipped Heavy-Duty Shell Cutters on cast and ductile iron.
  • Preferred tool for PVC and PE taps using manual power and PL Series Shell Cutters.
  • Coupon Retaining Pilot Drill Bit with proven technology provides consistent results.
  • All units are shipped in an impact-resistant, compact case.