General Information

The patented EXTRUPUNCH® is a versatile machine that makes accurate tubing holes of many sizes, shapes, patterns and angles in copper, aluminum or steel tube. Holes can have a raised collar or, with the Flat Hole Option, can be non-collared. Holes are precisely indexed and burr free and produced at the average speed of 15 to 20 seconds per 5 holes – with one operator.

The EXTRUPUNCH® makes a smooth raised collar above the tube surface, giving superior joint strength to other tubes brazed into the collars. The appearance is better, there are fewer leaks and it requires much less solder. Laborious drilling and lost time is completely eliminated, as is bit sharpening, holding jigs and messy chips. The clean, round slugs become pure and profitable scrap.

Standard Features

  • Fast and accurate.
  • No burrs.
  • Not limited to straight line hole pattern.
  • Minimal setup time.
  • Low cost per hole production.
  • Punches raised collar or flat holes.
  • Interchangeable tooling for variance in tube O.D. or length.
  • Gauge for locating radial patterns.