Model TEC-150 APS T-Drill

General Information

TEC-150 Collaring machine with NC-controlled automatic positioning system (APS). With the system the pipe can be positioned to the desired position and angle. The positioning system consists of rails and pipe indexing unit. The machine can be moved longitudinally on the rails, while the pipe stays stationary. The task of the indexing unit is to rotate the pipe, when the collars should locate on different angle to each other. The positioning system is operated with the help of a pendant control.

NC-controlled Automatic Positioning System 6000

  • Automatic positioning system for run-tube

  • For diam. 26.9 - 410 mm and lengths min. 3 x O.D. and max 6000 mm

  • Positioning tolerances:

    • length +/- 0.5 mm (machine); +/- 1.0 mm (tube)

    • angle +/- 0.5º (machine); +/- 1.0º (tube)

  • Longitudinal and angle position can be seen from digital