Model TEC-150-8 HD

TEC-150-8 HD.jpg

General Information

TEC-150-8 HD is the most powerful collaring machine for Schedule 40 pipes. You can make collars on run tubes up to 6" with wall thickness up to 0.5". The bigger branch size Ø 8'' is limited to max. 0.248'' wall thickness.

TEC-150 HD Collaring Station is now stronger and easier to handle than ever! Entire process from pilot hole milling to a complete, beveled branch can be performed in a single workstation.

Collars can be formed in most ductile materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, copper/nickel, brass and aluminium. Depending on the material thickness and elongation, collars can be made for SCH 40 pipes according to the capability chart shown in Technical Information.