Model S-54 TCS T-Drill

General Information

The S-54 TCS is state of the art automatic collaring system. It is used for the automatic production of manifolds providing the best use of floor space.
This system with PC-controls is fully programmable with 2 axis motion controls. Optional bar code reader can be attached to control to read in the production data and select the right program.

The tube is fastened from its both ends to the TCS. The suitable collaring program is selected from the PC controls and automatic cycle is started. TCS makes all the collars according to the selected program.

The TCS consist of:

  • PC Based system with 2 axis motion controls
    - Max tube length 59''
    - Max tube length 118''
    - Max tube length 236''
    - Other table lengths available by request. -
    - Interactive, user friendly program for entering the collaring parameters.
    - The collaring specifications can be stored on the hard drive

  • Mist lubrication

  • S-54 Collaring unit

  • Clamping tools (for run tubes)
    - Clamping tools are changed every time when Run tube diameter is changing.
    - Including clamps, inserts for both tube ends