Model S-54 MFT T-Drill

General Information

The basic Collaring Machine S-54 can be equipped with Manual Feed Table (MFT). It allows easy production of headers and manifolds.

The positioning is based on "pin-to-hole" method, which gives accurate positioning. The movement from one collar position to another is carried out manually by operator.

Standard MFT has three (3) positions where different collaring templates can be replaced. Operator can then quickly select any of these 3 templates to be used for collaring works.

For every collar position a hole is being drilled to the template. This means, that for every tube that has different collar positions will need it's own template.

Optionally, machine can be delivered with tube rotation system, where tube can be rotated by 15° increments using standard template. Other special radial templates are also available on request.

Standard Manual Feed Table lengths available:

  • 59''

  • 95''

  • 118''

Other table lengths available on request.

The tooling for holding the tube depends on the tube end; different tooling for open and closed tube end.