Model S-54 AFT T-Drill

General Information

S-54 Collaring machine with Automatic Feed Table (AFT) provides a collaring solution for making collars (manifolds, headers) within range ¼'' - 2⅛''automatically.

Using a touch-screen for input, the T-DRILL ProUser Interface provides on screen prompts to guide the operator through the programming process.

Up to 300 different programs can be stored with each program containing as many as 300 steps. They can be stored as templates to be modified later or completely re-written. These programs can include steps to allow the operator to perform actions on the part not related to the T-DRILL process and then continue. Programs can be written, edited and stored on external workstations and moved to the T-DRILL ProUser Interface when needed.

The standard lengths for automatic feed tables are for maximum tubes of 59'', 95'' and 118''. Other lengths are available on request.

  • The run tube diameter for each table lengths is 5/16'' - 4⅛''

  • Collaring range ¼'' - 2⅛'' (copper and aluminum)

  • Collaring range ⅜'' - 2⅛'' (mild and stainless steel)

  • Minimum tube length 2''