Ever-Vac Dust Collector and Fume Exhauster

General Information

The patented “Ever-Vac” dust collector and fume exhauster is a vacuum system powered
by its own 1 H.P. motor mounted on the side of the cabinet base. It draws virtually
all dust and abrasive particles from the cutting area down into the base of the
machine. The large particles settle on the floor under the base of the machine and
fumes are exhausted to the rear of the vacuum unit to be exhausted outside.
Exhaust opening is 6" diameter. (Outside ducting not included).
A specially designed hood can also be installed to Everett machines. The hood
encloses the cutting area from three sides and above to further control flying particles.
Both the “Ever-Vac” system and hood can be mounted on most Everett dry abrasive
cut-off machines.