Model Cylinder Filling Plants

General Information

The OGSI model CFP-15+ allows users to generate their own oxygen for their medical-grade requirements like EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Ambulance, Fire Departments, Small Hospitals, Clinics, Nursing Homes, Veterinary & Animal Hospitals, Dental labs and SCUBA applications. The CFP-15+ is a self-contained oxygen cylinder filling plant that uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. By simply mounting the CFP-15+ unit to the wall, and plugging it in to a standard electrical outlet, you can generate your own medical-grade oxygen to fill your own cylinders on-site. Within minutes, you can have emergency oxygen available for any increase in unexpected demand. Never run out of oxygen ever again!

Quality and Safety Designed
The CFP-15+ may be small, only measuring 30" x 16" x 36", but don't let the little size fool you! The unit contains all of OGSI's rich history of using the highest level of manufacturing engineering expertise in its design. The CFP-15+ is self-contained and operates very quietly. These quality components all work together to regulate the flow of oxygen cleanly and safely throughout operation. The OGSI CFP-15+ is designed to run automatically and requires little or no maintenance once it is up and running. With a digital color touch screen display, the unit shows all the information required to monitor the manufacturing process of oxygen. The CFP-15+ performs a continuous series of self-diagnostic tests as it runs. Should an issue arise such as drop in oxygen purity; the CFP-15+ will automatically shut down and display a visual alarm on screen. There is an optional audible alarm available as well.