Comfort Grip

Some of the more popular sizes and styles of hammers and mallets being manufactured incorporate a patented comfortable and safe design of the best yet safety grip handle. Deep finger grooves and fine side checkering fit the user's hand comfortably to provide a most positive grip, even in environments where hands or gloves become stippery. 

The COMFORGRIP handle is molded of yielding urethane to reduce transmission of shock from the struck hammer to the user's hand. The urethane shape is molded over virtually indestructible fiberglass rod, consisting of thousands of continuous glass filaments embedded in epoxy. This fiberglass rod is permanently attached to the hammer head by an epoxy bond between the glass/epoxy rod and a close fitting receiving cavity in the head casting, forming an unbreakable Joint The entire hammer becomes spark proof. 

The hammers and mallets are very similar in design, function, operation, and purpose to hickory handle models. They are thus similarly designated as below: