Comfort Grip

General Information

Dead Blow: Mallets are constructed from spark resistant hi-tensile aluminum. Hollow head castings are partially filled with iron shot that moves forward towards struck surface on impact, dampening rebound and insuring optimal blow transfer.

Replaceable Urethane Faces: Prevents marring, peening, or deforming struck surfaces. Impervious to most oils and solvents. Outperforms rawhide and low quality Compo-Cast style mallets in wear longevity and performance.

Handle: Shock dampening construction uses durable urethane cast over fiberglass rod. Allows the user to grip handle firmly regardless of oil or perspiration, and reduces chance of slippage. Permanently attached to head by patented wedge & epoxy bond.

Configurations: These Comfortgrip fiberglass handle mallets are available in numerous configurations to meet your specific application requirements.