2-Inch Production Threader

Standard Features

  • Chuck jaw at both the front and rear of the machine ensure that pipe is automatically held in a non-slip grip and centered
  • Chuck jaws are easy to replace (optional chuck jaws for plastic coated pipe) Pipe Cutter and Reamer
  • The precise pipe cutter and dual guide offers accurate cutting
  • A five-blade conical reamer quickly provides clean edges Die Heads and Dies
  • Die heads are available in standard or automatic versions
  • HSS precision dies guarantee effortless cutting, optimum geometry, excellent chip discharge, and long die life Additional Features
  • Automatic, one-shot, central lubrication for the spindle gear and break bands provides optimum cooling
  • Large, study oil pump
  • Easily emptied chip tray
  •  Bar for make-on or breakdown fittings
  • Safety foot switch stops motor in case of emergency