C02 Collar

This RoFrost CO2 Freezing System by Rothenberger uses Freezer Heads made of extremely resistant special plastic and covers a range of 1/2 to 2” pipes and tubes right out of the box.

Rothenberger ROT-65030.jpg

Key Features

Rothenberger RoFrost CO2 pipe freezing kit for quick and easy CFC-free freezing using carbon dioxide. Freeze your copper, steel and plastic pipes with ease up 2.125 inch.

  • Flexible use, freezing possible without electricity! 

  • Because of the low temperature (up to -79° C) the dry ice enables a faster freezing as every other electrical freezing unit that uses refrigerant 

  • Piping up to 2" can be frozen with just one unit 

  • Freezer heads made out of extremely cold-resistant special plastic