Tridan CHE

General Information

The Tridan Model CHE Servo-Powered Cellular Horizontal Expander is designed for the simultaneous expansion and final belling of all tubes within small to medium-sized plate fin type heat exchanger coils. This PLC-controlled expander provides fully automatic coil length setup adjustment, and it requires very minimal tool and fixture changeover time for varying coil sizes and configurations.

The Tridan Model CHE Servo-Powered Cellular Horizontal Expander has been designed to maximize our customers' productivity by using Tridan's coil-building expertise, coupled with the very latest in machine tool technology.

To begin with, this expander use no hydraulics. The expansion stroke is actuated by a very powerful and rugged servo motor, which drives a precision, high capacity roller screw to cycle the expansion ram. The operation of the machine is very clean and exceptionally quiet compared to conventional hydraulic-powered expanders. Energy consumption is also reduced, since the machine only consumes electricity when it is actually cycling.

Additionally, the use of the servo motor and roller screw, coupled with the PLC machine control system, allows for very precise, fully-automatic setup for varying coil lengths. By simply choosing a coil model from a pre-programmed menu, the machine will automatically cycle  to the appropriate length setup configuration.

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