General Information

BEND-ALL 80 is a heavy duty water soluble paste developed as a lubricant for drawn over mandrel
tube and pipe bending. It forms a strong barrier film with a high degree of lubricity and extreme
pressure protection between the tube and the mandrel. BEND-ALL 80 uses a solid film lubricant to
reduce the coefficient of friction and improve lubricant film strength. It is safe for use on all metals.
BEND-ALL 80 was developed for use on the most difficult bending operations. It can replace
straight chlorinated paraffin honey oils, and “home brews” of two or three products on tough 1 D
bends. BEND-ALL 80 has been very successful on 409 SS large diameter truck and tractor exhaust
tubing. It has also been very successful at dilutions with water up to 3:1 in deep drawing stainless


BEND-ALL 80 is typically used neat for draw bending and end forming operations. It can be hand
applied by brush or swab, or pumped through the mandrel. It will not harden in the mandrel or in the
drum. BEND-ALL 80 can be pumped directly out of the drum and does not require a follower plate
in the drum.
BEND-ALL 80 can be removed by aqueous wash using a high quality neutral pH cleaner, such as
TOWERKLENE SAF-T-22, operating at 140 - 160º F.
Normally BEND-ALL 80 is best if used within six months of the manufacture date. Keep the
product containers sealed when not in use.

Density: 1.0 g/ml 8.3 lbs/gal
Appearance: Cream Colored Pourable Paste
Odor: Faint Bland

• Contains No Hazardous Ingredients
• Improves Tool Life
• Will Not Slump Off Mandrel Under Heat
• Use on Large Diameter Tubing
• Use For The Most Difficult Bending Operations
• Does Not Harden Like Pigmented Lubricants
• Is Operator Friendly