General Information

BEND-ALL 006 is an extreme duty synthetic lubricant formulated to lubricate draw bending operations
on tube and pipe. It forms a high strength boundary film and provides extreme pressure lubrication
between the mandrel and tube. BEND-ALL 006 will not slump or run off the mandrel even under high
temperatures. BEND-ALL 006 was developed for bending and end-forming operations on steel,
stainless steel, aluminized, titanium, inconel, and aluminum tubing.


BEND-ALL 006 should be used as a concentrate for difficult bending operations. For lighter duty
bending, it may be diluted up to 1:1 with water. It can be applied through automatic mandrel rod
lubrication systems capable of pumping higher viscosity fluids or greases. BEND-ALL 006 can be
cleaned in an immersion cleaner or in a pressure wash system using TOWERKLENE Saf-T-24. Both
immersion and spray wash systems can be run at ambient temperature. The cleaning cycle time can be
reduced by increasing the bath temperature to 130 - 160° F. Store BEND-ALL 006 above 40° F. and
keep the container closed when not in use. Best if used within six months.


Density: 1.04 g/ml 8.3 lbs/gal
Appearance: Light Green Colored Gel
Odor: Bland
Flash Point: None


  •  Has No Hazardous Ingredients
  •  Contains No Petroleum Oil
  •  Does Not Contain Chlorine or Sulfur
  •  Spreads Evenly and Does Not Run From High Temperatures
  •  Can be Welded Through Without Cleaning
  •  Is Environmentally and Operator Friendly