Tridan AHBV 6-Tube

General Information

The Tridan Model AHBV- 6 Tube Volutron Hairpin Bender automatically processes six bends 180 degree hairpin bends per cycle. The tubes are hitch fed and cut by means of a chip free Orbital cutting system. The tube that is processed in this bender is supplied from level wound reels and can be either copper or aluminum.

The production application of the TRIDAN Model AHBV-4 is to produce hairpin bends from level-wound coiled tubing of copper or aluminum. It is a fully integrated system consisting of a Tube Straightening, Sizing, and Lubrication Section, adjustable-length Tube Feeding Section, a chipless Tube Cutoff Section, and Hairpin Bender Section. Supporting equipment include a Tube Decoiling System. The Control System is designed in such a manner that all operations are sequenced fully automatically or may be individually placed under manual control.

The Tube Straightening, Feeding, and Cutoff Sections are mounted on a machined base plate, which also serves as the top of the weldment-constructed hydraulic reservoir. This over-sized reservoir is an integral part of the machine's frame, and is furnished as standard with a liquid level gauge and thermometer.

The Hairpin Bender Section is mounted on a heavy-duty fully machined base frame to insure positive alignment with the Tube Straightening, Feeding, and Cutoff Section under all setup and operational conditions. The Bender
Section is precisely guided on the base frame, again to insure alignment between the tubes and the bending
mandrels and mandrel rods. The Tube Decoiling System is built on a weldment frame of sufficient size and
rigidity to support the number and size of coils dictated by the application.