6-inch On-Site Threader

General Information

This machine has self opening notch type die heads with through die head oiling. These die headsoffer accuracy and quick changes between pipe sizes, while providing quality threads. The 6590 is totally gear driven and powered by a condenser motor, producing extremely low noise levels. Quiet operation permits use in hospitals, factories, and in other locations where noise can be a problem. Completely equipped to cut, thread, and ream.

Features: For 2 1/2" to 6" pipe, 110/120V or 220V/230V, single phase .75KW condenser motor, average noise level: 76db, maximum amperage under load: 14.5, no load RPM: 6.1/20.2 Includes: Two die heads: 2-1/2"-4" and 5"- 6", two sets of NPT dies: 2-1/2"- 4", and 5"- 6", foot switch, 4 legs and Blade-Type Cutter. Optional: 2 1/2"- 6" beveling and grooving.