Condenser Tube And Heat Exchanger Brushes 

General Information

Complete line of condenser tube and heat exchanger brushes available in four bristle materials: High Carbon Steel, STainless Steel, Brass and Nylon. Bristle sizes are graduated from .008” on small diameter brushes, to .010”on larger sizes to provide consistent cleaning power. All brushes from 3/8” diameter to 3” have a 11/32” diameter coupling with a 5/16-18 internal thread and 1/8” NPT outside. There is no O.D. thread on 3/8" brushes. Shank length is 2". Adapters are also available toaccommodate other standard thread sizes. The 1/4” diameter brushes are mounted on a 3/16” diameter coupling with a 8-32 external thread. The #75110 extension rod kit has 30” of 3/16” diameterself-connecting rods with an 8-32 internal thread. Condenser Tube Brushes are single-spiral construction. Double-stem, single-spiral construction with 1/4" NPT is available in brush diameters from 1-1/4” to 3” on a specialorder basis.