Ropower 50R 2" Threader

Key Features

  • Automatic die heads ensure proper thread length

  • Inductive oil feed provides ideal lubrication to maximize die life

  • Easy access to all components for quick repair

  • Chuck jaws are quick and easy to change

  • Robust oil pump with filter system keeps oil free from impurities

  • Large, plastic tray catches chips and is easy to clean

  • Accepts RIGID® dies

  • Ball detent feature allows quick and easy replacement of dies without removing the die head

  • Self-centering chuck ensures correct axial alignment

  • Constant power transmission maintains speed while threading

  • Rear-centering chuck ensures correct axial alignment

  • Smooth action impact hammer chuck provides a powerful no-slip grip

  • Triple blade internal deburrer removes sharp edges

  • Safety food switch stops motor in case of emergency

  • Oil-resistant cable has long life

  • Optional ROGROOVER allows roll grooving of steel and copper pipe


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  • Free shipping by ground in Canada except NT – NWT – YT

  • Visa and MasterCard are accepted

This compact threading machine with memory die head is capable of threading 2" inch pipe.  

Technical Data

Dimensions: 21" x 17" x 13.5"

Weight: 97lbs

Machine Capacity: 1/4" - 2"

Motor: 1150w (60hz)

Threading Speed: 40rpm

Standard Supply: Automatic Die Head , 1/2" - 3/4" NPT Alloy Dies, 1"-2" NPT Alloy Dies, 4 Stationary Legs, Machine Cover, 1 Gallon ROCOOL Threading Cutting Oil.