Model 475X1000SA


Standard Features

  • Double column machine provides maximum capacity and rigidity
  • Design utilizes linear bearings for high stiffness and smooth motion
  • Hydraulic lift of the saw head
  • Saw up travel can be set to minimize distance between the blade and the top of the material
  • Saw down travel can be set to allow notching of blocks
  • Electronic variable speed drive, panel adjustable
  • Manual saw control, saw up, rapid saw down, saw cut, vises open/close, shuttle advance/retract
  • Cutting feed rate hydraulically adjusted
  • Load sensing valve, which stops the feed if the blade starts to overload, typical when cutting structural shapes.
  • Roller on top of blade located at the mid stroke to dampen vibration.
  • Full stroke hydraulic vises top and side.
  • Top vises on both sides of blade replaceable heavy flexible strip to clamp uneven material
  • Vises have variable clamping pressure.
  • In feed and discharge conveyor table 37" wide by 24" long
  • Steel wheel with ductile iron hubs
  • Blade guides are carbide faced with rollers to remove blade twist and dampen vibration
  • Adjustable flood coolant system to both saw guides and separate nozzle to allow coolant to center of cut
  • Electric system uses only C.S.A./UL approved components and is electrically approved
  • Premium quality bimetal band saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manual