Model 410

Standard Features

Reliable Performance
-Few moving parts, all mechanical operation

Highly Mobile
-These lightweight machines can be set up anywhere -- there is no electrical or hydraulic hook-up required

Compact Size
-Requires less than four sq. ft. (1.1 m2) of bench space 20"x13"

Precise Bends
-The DOB dial, with one-degree increments, permits accurate bends within one degree

Reversible Direction
-You can bend clockwise and counter-clockwise, permitting the production of complex parts (PHI model 410)

General Information

PHI's draw bending machines let you bend pipe and tube at an extremely low cost. When you only need to make one or two bends per piece, you can save time and energy by using these efficient bench-mounted manual tube-bending machines.

The compact design permits a great deal of mobility, as well as flexibility of location. The machine is lightweight and requires less than four square feet of bench space (including the bend arm sweep).

The tube or pipe length capacity is unlimited, allowing you to use longer lengths with fewer joints. This capacity translates into additional labor saving and reduced material costs for joining sections.

It's the ideal bending machine for prototype departments, small machine shops and operations that need to save costs when only a few bends are needed per piece.