Model 300V

Standard Features 

  • Blade is oriented vertically
  • Machine movement is on linear bearing to provide maximum rigidity and smooth motion
  • The saw head feed utilizes a load sensing valve which stops the feed if the blade starts to over-load, typical when cutting the web of structural shapes
  • Blade Guides are carbide faced with roller to remove blade twist and dampen vibration
  • Magnetic motor starter with automatic shut off at the end of cut, motors thermal overload protection
  • Blade is preloaded to optimize cutting
  • Blade tension is adjusted manually
  • Blade drive system consists of a direct drive, high efficiency planetary geardrive
  • Blade speed con-trolled with a variable frequency drive
  • Manual saw forward, saw retract, saw cut, vise open/closed
  • Controls are to the rear of the machine
  • Blade breakage switch
  • Ductile iron wheels
  • Mist coolant system
  • Electrical system uses only C.S.A./UL approved components and is electrically approved
  • Premium quality bimetal band saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manual