Model 233

Standard Features

Quality Output
-Perfect part duplication, scrap-free production, quality tooling, positive POB stops and DBB stops

Labor Savings
-Single set-up for multiple bend parts

Reliable Performance
-Heavy-duty construction and extra large electric motors

Performance Enhancing Features
-Precision PHI tooling to help reduce wall thinning and ovality, and synchronized interlock positioning for accurate, scrap-free parts

General Information

PHI's synchronized bending machine, Model 233, offers three-axis bending with one powered axis for the degree of bend (DOB). When configured as shown, the 233 provides high-speed production of simple and complex bent tube shapes up to 3" outside diameter (OD) and pipes up to 2" IPS schedule 80.

Features of the PHI 233 Synchro Bending Machine

Our modular design -- a basic machine with many options -- allows each machine to be custom fitted to meet your unique needs. Any configuration of the 233 includes a drop-away clamp. This clamp speeds production of complex parts by dropping away from the bend head prior to retracting the clamp and positioning it for the next bend. This eliminates the problem of previously bent pipe getting in the way of the clamp and bend die in its retraction cycle.

PHI's user-friendly programmable digital controller is specifically designed for bending. Its logical layout ensures proper bending sequencing. It has a capacity for 100 programs consisting of one to 10 bends (DOB) per program.

The optional carriage allows mechanical presetting of up to 10 planes of bend (POB) and distance between bends (DBB). When incorporated with the controller, the machine will synchronize and interlock all three positions (POB, DOB and DBB) to ensure correct tube alignment before bending can occur. This ensures easily repeatable bent tube shapes and scrap-free production.