20"-22" Abrasive Cut-Off

Standard Features:


Wheel Capacity: 20" or 22" diameter • Dry Reinforced Wheels
Motor: 10 or 20 HP Special Hi-Torque • Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled •
3 Phase
Starter: Magnetic with thermal overload; 110 volt at the pushbuttons
Spindle Bearings: Heavy-duty sealed ball bearings. Lubricated for life.
Arbor Shaft: 1" arbor
Drive: Multiple “V” belt, raw-edge sure grip, stretch resistant.
Safety Guards: Cutoff wheel and guards exceed safety code requirements.
Stop: Adjustable down stop limits depth of chop stroke.
Vise: “V” shaped to hold various shaped materials in best cutting position.
Hold down chain foot pedal operated. Air operation optional.
Hydraulic Power Head: (PH models only) with hydraulic feed control valve for smooth
accurate cutting
Wheel Wear Compensator: (WWC & PH models only) senses end of cut, returns wheel
to up position.
Oscillation: (OSC models only) For improved cutting, reduced burr and longer wheel life; Oscillator: 1/3 HP gear motor
Shipping Weight: Machines: 525-1200 lbs.