Exact 170E

Powerful, lightweight and handy, the PipeCut 170E can be used for cutting both steel and plastic pipes. Because of its adjustable speed feature and steady torque it is ideal for cutting stainless steel and cast iron pipes. This is high end performance for pipe fitting professionals.

O.D. Range: 15mm-170mm (0.6"-6.7")

Wall Thickness: 6mm (0.31") steel, 14mm (0,55") plastics





TCT 140: Blade with tungsten carbide tips for general use. Suitable for cutting steel, copper, aluminum and plastic.

Cermet 140:  Blade with ceramic tips for heavy duty applications, especially for cutting stainless and acid proof steel.

Diamond X140: Heavy duty special diamond blade only to be used for cutting cast iron and ductile pipes.

ALU 140:Ideal for cutting of aluminum tubes.  ALU wheels you can sharpen 2-3.