Large Pipe Benders

Wallace designs and manufactures powerful, rugged hydraulically operated pipe and tubing benders with control systems and tooling that are as sophisticated, or as simple, as you require to make your parts to your specifications with reliability, efficiency and economy.

Offering both the standard "swing arm" and the revolutionary " overhead clamp", Wallace always remains on the leading edge with the newest available technology.

From it's inception in 1896, Wallace is the oldest and still the leader in the field of Pipe and Tube Bending.

With Bender sizes ranging from 2" OD to 16" OD, they still offer the largest range of standard machines of any of the cold draw bender manufacturers.

Tube, Pipe, Square, Rectangular, Extrusion; they have done it all.



Single Axis NC Bender
Up to 360mm - Largest Standard Bender
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